"Routine is the enemy" - This is the principle on which FIT 5 was founded by Beats. This was inspired from the contemporary fitness forms of the world. FIT 5 stands for Fitness through HIIT, Strength, Functional, Balance and Compete. Unlike conventional gyms, one wont find machines here. We use different kinds of modern equipment and take clients through a work out format pre-designed by our Master trainers. These workouts vary from day to day there by giving your body different challenges every day, which is the key to fitness. All the work outs are performed in group classes with limited strength just to make sure every client gets personal attention. FIT 5 is Personal training at its best.


Fusion 5 is an enhanced form of aerobics specially designed for dance enthusiasts. "Burn to the Beat" best describes our Fusion 5. Contemporary dance floor, perfect ambiance, energizing music and inspiring instructors who are certified in various dance and music related fitness forms like Dance aerobics, Zumba, Bokwa, Piloxing etc make Fusion 5 very exciting. One session can guarantee a calorie burn of around 500 with side effects like improved skin tone, decreased stress, improved sleep pattern and a day filled with energy.


This is located in Balaji colony which is one of the prime localities of Tirupati city. This exclusive women Fitness Center is equipped with contemporary machines that help you reach your fitness goals. What makes this center unique is our customized circuit training targeting specific areas of need. We also include a workout zone for fun filled unique workouts. With a specific diet plan we guarantee a permanent weight loss rather than a temporary one.


We at beats understand that fitness is all about 70% diet and 30% exercise. Beats wellness helps you fulfil the complete need through their certified dieticians and nutritionists who guide you throughout to reach your personal fitness goals through personal mentorship programs and enhance you for a better tomorrow. We have Programmes for Thyroid, diabetics, wedding plans, weight loss plans and more.


Feeding your body before and after every workout is very essential for burning calories, Staying energised, Building muscle etc. Ever wondered why nutritious food doesn't taste delicious and the delicious ones ain’t nutritious?For all those foodies who starve themselves from taste during diet, we came up with this model in which we combine Tasty food with proper nutrition. Here you will have complete pre and post workout nutrition, healthy snacking with desired calories, consistent and proportionate protein carb intake etc.


We train, certify and provide employment opportunities to the enthusiastic people irrelevant to their age and qualifications. Our unique training pattern blends you in to the sculpture of knowledge on different levels of fitness and wellness sciences and its applications.


With our various uniques fitness practices, mentoring one's healthy living and serving good healthy food & drinks. We know it wont take long before you feel completely pumped up because you are the best you have ever been.